There's a thought in my head about how if you spot a company doing sponsorships with many different YouTubers, that company is probably spending too much money on marketing and not enough in their actual service.

I think that this is essentially the case with the VPN companies, but now I'm thinking whether or not this is valid for those dumb online learning websites.

These things are still current, but the little panel at the top is now gone.

I think I got booted out of a small circle within another community because I mistimed a worldbuilding idea and didn't read the back scroll. Whoops.

I got my dot files squared away now using stow, but the real battle is to see if it can survive adaptation to the laptop.

It's strange how even the simplest of things can be super hard when for some reasons you Just Don't Feel Like Doing It.

Feeling extreemly tired and completely brain-inactive almost all day now. I'm on holiday, so thank goodness, but...

There are still some sore points with the OS upgrade - notably my scanner driver is now kaput - so there's still Things to do but for now everything is mostly stable.

Okay, here's a test of the new Choqok after my OS upgrade. Looking good so far.

I am going to write a new module for the protocol. I'm kind of encouraged that it's apparently not incredibly difficult, but I'm unsure if it would be a mere one-day project.

Observe these two sentences:

1. It's 100% his fault.
2. *It's 1 his fault.

So, I've decided to track my Animal Crossing finances in Beancount.

I've set up some new email addresses outside of Gmail. Now it's time to start moving my emails into the new ones.

A truth of the world is that payments to you are always slow and inconvenient while payments from you always demand speed and convenience.

I managed to get Beancount installed. I'm going to be rebuilding my workflow and toolchain from Ledger now.

I'm looking to change my accounting system to Beancount, mostly to escape the growing cruft that the old Gnucash/Ledger system is creating. The only problem is that adding new postings seems very manual because there is no xact equivalent.

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