Ever since I got into an aviation YouTube hole I started doing readbacks instead of just saying "OK" and "sure". It's actually quite helpful and if you're doing it a bit casually no one even notices.

Wanted: a 2D text based animation engine that takes in a script (in both a computer and dramatic meanings) and outputs a video which the script describes.

I'm actually writing one such but it's slow going. And I haven't touched it in 1 1/3 year.

Every time I try to make a GUI program or need to output anything that's not plain text and not through things like imagemagick or gnuplot I never really succeed. But I still plug on regardless.

The thing about object shows is that their characters tend to show up in the most random places. This is because the characters are all simple nouns, and they show up in Google Image Search, and when people need a visual prop that's where they go to find them.

KMB Route 94 is a regularly scheduled bus service from Wong Shek, near the ferry, to Sai Kung Public Transport Interchange. As boats also arrive at the transport hub, I think this qualifies the route as a centralised pier-to-pier service.

Okay, one final yak-shaving for the Drsk grammar title and cover page. I think this is done.

I did a better cover page for my grammar. It's now not the default \maketitle title, but something that actually looks like a real cover. That having been said, there's still some pretty unsatisfying things about it, like not being able to specify where to put text directly from the top of the page (that way I can coördinate with the background image which is currently really just a .png I adjust with Inkscape).

So it turns out when I my typing outruns my thinking, I tend to type the words "the whole thing" over and over again while I'm still on typing autopilot until I have other things to type.

Do you have any such "autopilot phrase"?

The opposite of a fan (cooling device) is a heater. The opposite of a fan (enthusiast) is a hater.

One thing I noticed about 3D games is how silly something looks when things go out of bounds and you see all the bits that are unrendered and you realise you're just in an unending void with walls preventing you from seeing it. With 2D games the risk of that happening is much lower.

It may be a little bit of a mean streak when I decided to split adults and baby animals with a glass wall...

The mining room in front, and the oreproc room in the back. The number represents the number of laser drills in operation.

I started a gemlog on gemlog.blue which will provide monthly updates on myself and some creative projects I'm working on. This is considered a temporary thing until I write radiance-gemini and can host somewhere else.

I really enjoy my work Yammer showing only ¼ of profile pictures.

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