Things to remember when dealing with a sufficiently large or influential proposal to change society, especially politically or economically:

1. The movement will always have opposition.
2. It will never succeeded in your plans. But it will never fail as its opponents will say.
3. It will always find ways to blame its opponents.

Basically like this.

Numerical codes for fanlangs

Altrvukaif = 92 + 2 = 94
Eliksni = 2642

The Autotoll is an ETC system. It has this unique symbol and colour combination.

Kiryu Coco in a goodbye advertisement.

The Landmark bus stop, Central
2020-06-30 00Z

I try to stay positive during these bad days, essentially stating that as unpleasant and interminable as they may be they still cannot last forever. Funny that, you always great that good times don't last but the temporal extent of bad times remains unstated.

It's not an easy thing to do but I do it regardless, as a commitment I make to myself to see this through no matter what.

My tastes seems to have changed too. Some foods I used to like don't seem so good anymore.

My home is about to go to a hell. My thinking ability may not be as competent as I think it is. My body is pretty bad but at least it seems OK for now.

I think there is something to the second half of the phrase 落ち込む.

Ultimately, I want time. Whether it is to execute on my preferences, to frustrate or slow external circumstances, or just to physically recover from society, time is a key factor.

As this is an impossible request, I understand that alternatives must be sought, but from where and as what I don't know.

Every day I look at where I am in the world and get increasingly frantic at what is happening and what I could do about it.

It all looks bleak and broken. I have plans but they are all kind of long shots and they'd come at a high cost.

I want to live and I want to make but obstacles at every level and timescale continue to wear me down.

Help remains distant, if present.

Considering making a gimmick account called "place names on road signs that shouldn't be on road signs".

Work is scary, painful and hard now. I don't feel up to it at all.

Phonemes may overlap with each other but only two at a time.

Actually this might be a basis for (S).

Currently considering a conlang with abstract phonemes not associated with any organ or mechanism but nevertheless has phoneme-like characteristics.

In particular, a 4D *consonant and *vowel grid sounds attractive.

Prospectively has symbol (circle F), for now.

Thing I want to pull off but no mats:

A show that displays characters from some unspecified franchise in the old style light-hearted and innocent fare being reinterpreted as a dark and gritty near-modern style. The latter claims to be a more realistic depictions of the characters that the former is an imperfect and marketable facsimile of; however, it turns out that this is in turn a cynical and distorted rendering of the "real" forms of the characters, which is done to make it more marketable.

There's something that tickles mym ind about fanloids, fantrolls and similar such that don't really catch me as much with generic OCs. I believe it's the fact that they're very easily parameteriseable and they look fairly similar to each other that makes them as a whole appeal to me.

Especially the fact that you can definitely just invent meaningful and semantic IDs for each one.

Remember when I was going to do some work for radiance ahahaha.

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