They re-allocated the lanes recently. Also featuring an interesting option lane method, plus "1500m" and "1700m" (not spaced), the largest numbers I've seen yet.

They altered the wording. Since there are no coin-operated meters anymore, the "(card-operated)" label is now redundant.

The Autotoll is an ETC system. It has this unique symbol and colour combination.

Kiryu Coco in a goodbye advertisement.

The Landmark bus stop, Central
2020-06-30 00Z

Premise: In the dead of night 1Ath Undecimber, 1996+3i, a mysterious portal with a road tunnel appears between Braunton, Devon and Gloucester, MA, allowing the two countries to have a land link for the first time since the Jurassic period. Ignoring all the weird political and logistical stuff behind an ocean-wide tunnel, how would this be signed? Here are my attempts.

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