I'm trying out Synfig. It looks cool but very unwieldy.

SCP but not horror, with fascination in its place.

Actually a lot of things I think could do with substituting horror with fascination.

There is a setting within a story that I have never read that regardless has an outsized impact on my thoughts. It is a world where there are only cars and they apparently go about their days smashing into each other like an oversized BeamNG Drive (but implied with real cars). I think about it every so often.

They re-allocated the lanes recently. Also featuring an interesting option lane method, plus "1500m" and "1700m" (not spaced), the largest numbers I've seen yet.

@mwlucas I use a d300 (consisting of a d3 and 2d10) and then I reroll any numbers that are out of range.

What are fedi apps out there for linux mobile? I know tootle. Is there anything else for gtk/kde/tui worth looking into?

Idea: chess like game with drops but pieces go back to the player who owns it. Dropping a piece costs two moves and the square to drop on is indicated on the first move.

Promote the use of the unit "megametre" (Mm), to express Earth-scale distances.

@loke @sjb literally "land ball", which distinguishes it from "the land" 大地, in the same way how the Moon as a celestial object 月球 is not the moon in the sky 月亮.

Now, the real question the aliens have would be why we named their planet such that it translates to "what's that?".

You know, when fantasy histories start with the first living beings "awakening", you have to imagine what that actually means. Normally I think it's just "one day they were not self aware, the next day they are", which does raise a question of how one becomes self aware in the real world.

@Sandra @jk one thing that I learnt however is that using the minus sign as a minus sign is also something that screen readers cannot handle. They skip over them!

Let's consider the bad side of art. Like, instead of examining expertise, demonstrate the poor, the unskilled, the painful.

In one sense, it is like dissecting 300 Elo chess games. In another, it is to find the piece that is as revolting to as many as possible. I think it is possible to find objectively bad art, unlike objectively good art.

The goal is to laugh, but also to reflect, about things that we have discarded on our path to excellence.

Have to say, working from home is very beneficial to my work process. The extra two hours needed to commute turns out to cause a lot of bother when it comes to getting stuff done.

It's easy to play this game of cycling between English, Japanese and Chinese then back again because all three languages have remarkably good interplay with each other. Also because I know those languages the best. And they are otherwise unrelated.

Pun nicknames can go really far sometimes.

Warhammer → Uohama → うおはま → 魚浜 → 魚濱 → Yewbun

And that is why the thing on the left gets read as the thing on the right. Or we can snowclone it and read it as "Tree-bread" instead. Or maybe re-parse it as "Ewebun" as then it's a "white-hair farm".

I wrote about how I write things. gemini://isoraqathedh.pollux.casa/gem-org-odt.gmi isoraqathedh.pollux.casa/gem-o


"Always bet on text" is a good philosophy that I *almost* buy, except for one thing:

I'm yet to find any reasonable plaintext representation of graphs. Text can do trees just fine, but trees are inherently limiting. If there's no efficient notation for DAGs and graphs with cycles - i.e. structures that can't trivially be flattened without duplicating nodes - then text itself is heavily limited as a tool for thought.

Anyone knows of any interesting work in this space?


@Sandra I've also had trouble moving off of Twitter just because people I follow (and monitor) and people would respond to me are not here. I don't know how to move them here or if I should even bother.

I'm thinking that something like Choqok would allow me to crosspost but it's awkward.

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