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Seriously, the Chrome team just landed a patch that lets sites block "View Source" _right in the middle_ of the Chrome Dev Summit.


(To everyone saying "this is just an enterprise policy": Look at the conversations in the bugs.

Somebody said, to the Chromium team, schools are using Google Forms for testing, and the kids can see the right answers in the forms, so to address that, we want to prevent students from reading source code.

And without an ounce of pushback, without so much as a nod in the direction that this might not be the right solution to this problem, the Chromium team said yes.)

Some people don't understand that the fundamental purpose of a computer, one that distinguishes it from almost every other physical purpose, is that it can copy things. Even "moving" things is the act of copying the thing from one place to another then deleting the original.

@isoraqathedh The key is that the alphabet is not just binary, because civilisations rarely use binary.

Thing I need for my conworlding: string arithmetic. You have:

- An alphabet of characters
- Strings of those characters
- Lists of those strings
- A grammar to transform strings to numbers
- concat, subseq, subst, rev
- Finite lookup tables

You want:
Algorithms to implement + – × ÷ &c.

You know it's always kind of funny to think of Pokémon as knockoff animals, in the sense of "Mum I want θ" "We have θ at home" "θ at home:". Not the usual "oh but animal abuse" shtick, but as if animals are trademarked and they have to use similar but legally distinct copies.

"Sorry lads we can't afford the license from God for this 'axolotl'. We'll have to make our own expy."

I want to do so many programming projects, and learn more languages (Rust and Haskell principally). But time and wherewithal are not on my side.

Also on languages to learn: JP and HKSL.

GMF word of the whenever: Twarë /ˈtwɑʁə/
Used after some noun, it means "some ~", "a certain ~", "any given ~". If by itself, it means "generic item", "blob".
Derived from Japanese.

I'm writing a shell script wrapped in an org-mode file that creates an automatic directory listing of all gemtext files in my capsule, as I don't have access to server-side scripting. Later on, it will also create an Atom feed based on the last-modified date on all "eligible files" (which would most likely come in the form of a hashtag on the file itself, or embedded in the org-mode document if that is too ugly).

Monitor fell off the stand while I was at work. Fortunately, it is not damaged, but I don't like how the support's X is too large to fit into the recess, causing all of this to happen.

They altered the wording. Since there are no coin-operated meters anymore, the "(card-operated)" label is now redundant.

The reflexive translation of English "menu" into Chinese "菜單", even in metaphorical contexts like a list of functions in a computer program – especially jarring when food (i.e. 菜) is absent – gives me that really off feeling. If I had my way I would have chosen something more literal, like "function list" 功能列 or replace the troublesome "dish" 菜 with "choice" 選.

I've just slammed my toe on the leg of a table.

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