Even More Dress Designs for the Stranger
Well, even more of that. Feedback is, again, very welcome. studio.tymoon.eu/view/1452

More Dress Designs for the Stranger
Some more attempts at dress designs for the Stranger. Which parts do you like best? studio.tymoon.eu/view/1451

The Stranger's Clothes
Some more character design tests. Tried to make it more memorable and recognisable by increasing shape repetition. Not sure if I succeeded though. studio.tymoon.eu/view/1449

My new calendar for 2020 is now available for pre-purchase!

Follow Yukari's travels through the depths of the ocean with this desktop calendar for 2020!

International shipping possible, should arrive before the new year!


Trying to get back into the spirit of dailies. Spent over an hour on something I ultimately threw in the trash. Good start. studio.tymoon.eu/view/1439

Last year I made a physical desktop calendar, which turned out to be surprisingly successful. I've been working on another one this year.

If all goes well it should be available for pre-order soon!

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