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@dl Would also make it clearer why remembering the past is important to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

@dl I built my own layout based on dvp, so now I can just `setxkbmap shinmera` after setting up my files.

A really sloppy Lysithea. Did some perspective practise today and this is the only sketch I managed to pull into something slightly approaching a full drawing.

My desktop calendar for 2020 is still up for sale, by the way! If you'd like a copy, you might want to order soon to make sure it arrives in time for the new year!

Order info:

I needed a bit of a break from Alloy and decided to redo my website. Much to my surprise, I ended up really liking what I came up with!

The Infinite Review Universe
With infinite reviews come infinite possibilities. Fan art for @MechaGamezilla's excellent Infinite Review series.

Sending out all the calendar orders out today!

Hopefully there'll be more to come later, too

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