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Perspective Practise
Just a short, reference-free practice sketch. Should do more of these, preferably with references.

Quick sketches on my new Yoga to try and calibrate it. Still not quite there, so this felt awkward to do.

Hat Kid
A Hat in Time is cool, and good, and you should play it. It is legitimately the best 3d platformer I've played in years.

More flight sketches
I wanted to draw more, but the battery on my cruddy thinkpad only lasts about three hours and the plane had no power outlets.

late night sketch
Not feelin' too great about my art lately, so output has been scarce.

Radiance 2.0 has been officially released!
Run (ql:update-dist "shirakumo") to get it. Documentation is also updated and available here:
A short summary of version changes can be found here:

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