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The Stranger (Iteration #4)
I think I'm getting somewhere now. I'd still like to add blue tones somewhere, but I couldn't figure out anything I liked using blue in this one. Mostly I'm worried that there won't be enough colour contrast in the leg area to make this work well in the very small sprite sheet.

The Stranger (Iteration #3)
A very hasty late night sketch. There's still more I need to think about for the design, especially when it comes to colours.

The Stranger
Some expressions to try and get an idea for the character. This is the main character for my game, whom I've dubbed The Stranger for now. Still don't have an idea for a name for the game itself though.

Leaf Character Profile Test
My first time attempting a pixel-art profile picture. Not sure where I want to go with this quite yet, so I'm not very pleased with the result.

October Artist Trading Card
This is my trading card for October, which was sent (by mail) to a Something Awful user. You can find the thread here:\=3868956

Perspective Practise
Just a short, reference-free practice sketch. Should do more of these, preferably with references.

Quick sketches on my new Yoga to try and calibrate it. Still not quite there, so this felt awkward to do.

Hat Kid
A Hat in Time is cool, and good, and you should play it. It is legitimately the best 3d platformer I've played in years.

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